About us..

KoolKrew Digital has developed a cutting edge 'lost and found' solution that facillitates the reuniting of you and your lost belongings at a breakthrough price

As a leading luggage tag and travel accessories provider, notably to the flight/cabin crew industry, it was inevitable that we would progress to the concept of combining a 'lost and found' platform with our unique products. We have created a digital tag using the latest NFC technologies whilst retaining the artisan qualities for which we are renowned.

Kool Krew Digital is based in a studio in London's East End and our creative team is passionate about the quality of our product. It is our expertise in design and technology that allows us to continually serve our customers and bring them new and innovative products at all times.

We believe in small solutions to big problems.

KoolKrew Digital’s mission is to enable consumers to enjoy the confidence of an affordable lost and found solution that will operate worldwide using features and functionality regardless of their mobile device or international location. 

The solution will deliver global mobile independence to the consumer .

We believe that simple solutions when applied in an effective way, can have powerful results. We believe in creating products that can make a more efficient and ultimately happier travel experience.