koolkrew products define a completely new kind of promotional item. Give your staff and clients something memorable and keep them engage with your brand.

We can offer the following services for your business:

  Real time modification of our app welcome page and custom emails with your branding.

  Durable branded Metal and PVC Plastic tags (our metal tags are unique and exclusive to us)

  Provide a dashboard via our app where you can receive information about user activations and emails and measure its effectiveness.

  You can also allow your users to use our 'PingYa' gadget finder to keep them engage with the app. You can also brand the gadget finder with your own logo.

  Once your users have signed up and have access to our app they can also register other branded promotional items from your company such as keyrings, stickers for their laptops etc.. passport covers and luggage locks which we can provide. These items use the same lost & found procedures as our luggage tags.

  Your staff or clients will be able to view/use our bonus features on the app such as 'hotspots' where they can see in real time where other users of the app are losing their items around the world, also they will be able to record their journeys, upload photos of their travels and share them on social media with chances to win prizes from koolkrew

  We can also provide optional packaging and 'product guide' brochure with your own logo if required.